Kargath Bladefist: Mythic.

We’ve been progressing through Highmaul at a steady pace. There’s a lot going on and we managed to knock out normal and heroic within’ the first week. Now progressing on with the Mythic instance. Kargath continue’s to be silly easy as long as your group is geared appropriately and knows how to perform the basic mechanics.

Twin Ogron has been our first challenge in the instance; which, to be honest, has been a nice change of pace. We’ve got his number this week though and then we’ll be moving on to the next one. The fight isn’t all that difficult, there is just some mechanics that require everyone to pay extreme attention to as well as the charge mechanic that isn’t all that obvious which direction the charge is going; especially during the empowered charges. Anyhow, we’ve had a few sub 15% attempts and this week should be the end of him.

We’ll post the updated video … in the meantime, here’s Kargath!

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Warlords of Draenor: Gearing up for Dec. 2nd!

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. Warlords has been released and we’ve been hittin’ the bottle pretty hard. There’s so much goodness to be put in place while we eagerly await the December 2nd raid release.

In the meantime, we’ve been punching away at Normals, Heroics, Daily Challenge Modes, building up our Garrison’s, and running Molten Core for nostalgia and purple hats with extremely helpful fire resist on it. It’s been pretty strenuous because there is an enormous amount of new content with this release, but overall, everyone has been extremely happy with the shiny things to play with.

Ragnaros (10th Anniversary)

We’ve had a really good turn out as a guild as well. It’s nice seeing old faces swing by the forums and jump in game. Our recruitment roster has been getting a lot of traffic. Our officers have been hard at work buying auction house materials and getting crafted items put together. We’ve been working on building out our forums for members and non-members to have some more community outside of game. There’s been a flurry of things going on and hopefully everyone has had a change to participate and get involved.

We’ll make some more minor posts as things progress, but really there’s not a whole lot of anything going on while we wait for the first raid release. Enjoy some funny raid chat while we get more web content put together!

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Adventures in Raid Chat, Beta Warlords, and still looking for buyers!

We’re still accepting buyers for Heroic: Siege of Orgrimmar. Some of our members are also looking for buyers for Challenge Mode clears. If you’re interested in getting in a Heroic: Siege of Orgrimmar please get a hold of Mikalya or Denkiteki. If you’re interested in Challenge Modes feel free to get a hold of Deniteki or Xert. Our Siege clears have become quite quick and gear is pretty much all the buyers, so take advantage of it if you have the funds.

We’ve also had some interesting times over the past couple raids, with some of our buyers. Specifically those females who hail from Australia! Nemba almost had a heart attack when she started talking. Anyhow, here are some of the funny front page shots.


I laughed at this for a good few minutes …

Myski’s taint needed a lot of attention

Runelin appreciates being on their balls …

Nemba giving our poor Australian chick buyer a hard time … sorry Hezzy!

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Interested in a Heroic Siege clear? Heroic Gear drops? And a Mount?

Good! Because we’re looking for buyers …

Because we’re persistent bastards, we’ve managed to get most of our members the gear they need. A vast majority of us have earned our Heroic Garrosh mounts, as well; which, by the way, is pretty sweet looking.

Ultimately, we’re at the point that we can start taking buyers on Heroic: Siege of Orgrimmar clears. The perk of our Heroic runs? Well, most importantly: our gear drops are pretty much going to waste except for a Heroic Warforged piece here and there. So you’re highly likely to pick up a ton of gear. You also get to get in on a raid with the likes of Misanth and Mystidruid, who would be more than happy to share their lube with you. You get a pretty Title. And a mount!

So, if you or someone you know is interested in getting in picking up a Heroic clear, your Title, and a sexy Garrosh mount, please get in touch with us. We have a lot of ways to get a hold of us: the best bet would be to register an account on the forums. You can also talk with Mikalya in game.

Good luck!

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Making the magic happen…

We’re still around. Finishing up our mount runs for everyone and making a sell here and there to keep the guild funded. Updates have been few and far between, because as everyone knows things get really redundant while a raid instance on farm.

That being said, we still get to have fun. We’re still recruiting. And we’re still looking really forward to Warlords of Draenor. In the meantime, to break the web site post silence, I figured I’d post a few funny screenshots that I’ve seen over the past few farms.

I’d like everyone to give a huge hug to our raider, Xert. He’s our special little raider.


I’d also like to welcome some of our new recruits, Meiling and Yapix. Best of luck to you in your trial.

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Garrosh Hellscream (Heroic): Down!


Fourteen bosses down. US #69 (giggidy giggidy). What a great ride this tier was. The huge ups and downs in boss difficulty were pretty impressive. Everything from two shotting a heroic to a few weeks worth of pulls. In the end, everyone stuck with it and we managed to pull through.

Our roster has been absolutely amazing this tier. Everyone should be proud of themselves for finishing this off. We’ve had a ton of consistency, dedication, and input from all of our players. And, ultimately, this game is all about your team and consistency. The people you bring with you from week to week, whether or not that’s 7 days a week or 2 days a week.

A huge thank you to our raid leader, Khatian. This tier had a lot of bosses that required coordination, cooldown timings, and keeping everyone in line when necessary. You’ve always managed to do all of that without going overboard with things.

Another huge thank you goes out to the Officers who have supported him throughout the tier. There are tons of little jobs that go in to the maintenance of a guild and a lot of the times they’re taken for granted, but our raiders want you to know that we appreciate everything you’ve done to keep things running smoothly.

And last but not least … a huge thank you to the raiders. The minions who make these kills possible. Tanks, Healers, and DPS. We’ve all done a fantastic job pushing these bosses over, working together, and consistently showing up to put in the effort.

Let’s get this place cleared a few more times, collect some BoA’s, mounts, titles, and cash for everyone … and start the preparation for Warlords!


Adventures In Raid Chat

If we killed Garrosh on Heroic Denk told us that he would sing a song for us. We held up our end of the bargain and so did he … this was the guild response.


Yougibear managed to have a birthday every time we pulled Garrosh as well. I’m not entirely sure who started it, but it became pretty funny.

Mikalya has some fetish with “pooping” …

I really just don’t know what this means …


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Paragons of the Klaxxi …

To start, we’d like to give a huge nod of appreciation to everyone involved in getting these guys down. This fight, in our opinion, was a huge step up in difficulty from the previous bosses. Every individual was required to be on top of their DPS. Awareness for not only yourself, but also for those surrounding you throughout almost every point in the fight. The healing requirements pushed even our healers to their limit.

All that being said, after a few fleeting glimpses at victory, we inexorably managed to chip away at the Klaxxi and pushed them over this Thursday. Congratulations to the guild as a whole on the kill. This kill put  us at a very respectable US #74. Congratulations to those who were awarded loot (Takkarma, Fuzzball, Huxtable, Misanth). And also to the people who were not able to be there for the kill, but helped during progression through the repetitive wiping and learning process.

Personally, I can’t say that it was my favorite fight this tier. Hardest? Definitely. Enjoyable? Not much. Ultimately, fights like this come down to massive amounts of preparation, cooldown organization, timings, boss ability alignment, and personal responsibility. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the forum discussion. Getting Khatian the information he needed to steer this ship in the right direction and lead us to a very well earned kill.

Good job all around! Now everyone put on their big girl panties, because we’ve got one more to go! Can we make it before the release of Warlords? Challenge accepted.

Adventures In Raid Chat

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

From everyone here at the Solution family we’d like to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. It’s been a great year for our raiding team and our guild in general.

This is a great time to take a look around and look at everything we’ve accomplished both in game and out of game. To appreciate all the good  friends we’ve made along the way. And to spread a little happiness throughout the game.

Enjoy the time with your families! Be careful out there!

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Draw My Things and More Random Chat.

We’ve been working on getting Siegecrafter Blackfuse (Heroic) down for the past couple weeks; which is why there has been a lack of updates, but we’ve managed to collect some random raid chats as well as some funny new Draw My Things that a few of our members play during our break time. Let’s get Siegecrafter down and in the mean time … enjoy the LOL’s.

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Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday!


Adventures in Raid Chat

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